Degreasing and Cleaning Product Selection

Solvent Kleene offers a range of safe solvent based and water-based D-Greeze products designed to remove grease, oil, flax and grime from metal surfaces. D-Greeze environmentally friendly metal cleaners and degreasers are non-hazardous, non-air polluting, and non-flammable. They are designed for high performance cleaning and degreasing applications. For exceptionally fast drying applications lower flash point products are available. The D-Greeze family of products addresses very fast non-flammable drying requirements, quick drying needs, and air blow off drying applications. D-Greeze oil, grease, flax and grime removers are heavy-duty industrial strength products that can be used with immersion tanks and ultra sonic systems or used to clean the surface using either aerosol spray, wand spray or rag wipe off. All degreaser/cleaner products are compatible with all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The chart below will help you select the most suitable degreaser/cleaner for your application. For a free sample or complimentary testing of your parts contact one of our application engineers at 978-531-2279 or

Cleaning Product D-Greeze 500 D-Greeze ES-150D D-Greeze ES D-Greeze 1000 D-Greeze 2603
Solvent Based Yes Yes Yes Yes
Surfactant Based
Water Based Yes
Very Fast Drying Yes Yes
Quick Drying Yes Yes Yes
Rinsing Needed Yes
Air Blow Dry Yes Yes Yes Yes After Rinse
Dilutable Yes
Heavy Duty Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


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