Paint Remover and Powder Coating Stripper Selection

Solvent Kleene's D-Zolve environmentally preferred paint strippers and coating removers are designed to strip and remove powder coatings, electrocoatings, aircraft paints (such as cross linked polyurethane top coats with epoxy primer) and marine fiberglass paints. These products are used for stripping powder coated ferrous and non-ferrous metals, stripping powder coated aluminum and powder coated zinc, stripping powder coated aluminum zinc alloys and for stripping paint from aluminum, zinc, magnesium and other non-ferrous metals. D-Zolve depainting and powder coating stripping products can be used in an immersion tank or applied to a substrate using a brush or airless spray equipment. Powder coatings and E-coatings can be removed from aluminum, zinc, stainless steels, carbon steels, magnesium, fiberglass and plastic surfaces. D-Zolve 338 is a special formulation designed to remove solvent based, water based or UV based dry ink build up. The charts below will help you select the most suitable stripper for your stripping and paint removal application. For a free sample or complimentary testing of your parts contact one of our application engineers at 978-531-2279 or


Stripping Product Immersion Brush or Spray Water Dilutable Stripping Temperature
D-Zolve 1012 Yes ambient
D-Zolve 917 Yes Yes 140°F/60°C
D-Zolve 15-33 IM Yes 135°F/57°C
D-Zolve 1220 Yes 70°F/21°C or over
D-Zolve 15-33R Yes 70°F/21°C or over


Stripping Application D-Zolve
15-33 IM
Powder Coatings Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Electrocoatings Yes Yes Yes Yes
Aircraft Paints Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wet Paint Some Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fiberglass Paints Yes Yes
Dry Ink Removal


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